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In isolated hepatocytes prepared from fed mice incubated without nutrients glucose, pyruvate and amino acid~ the formation and rel-~Lseof S-o-lactcylglutathione and also a coatinuous lowering of cellular glutath[one were demonstratexi upon addition of methylglyoxal 20 raM.

Under these incubation conditions, the gintathione content of the ceils decreased in the controls. On the other hand, in hepatoo2tes incubated in e medium supplemented with the above-mentioned compoands an accumulation of 5-D-lactoylglutathione and a transient de. Under these experimental citeumsc~ces the gintathione content of the cells was preserved. Buthlonine sulfosimine - an inhibitor of glmathlm~ s~thesi~ - prevented tim restoration of glutathione level in hepatocytes observed in the presence of methylglyoxal; emetin¢ - an inhibitor of ~.

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Introduction Metl~glyoxel is an intermediate in the metabolism of certain amino acids, trinse-phosphates and acetone in the liver for a review. Tho formed methvlglyoxal may be r, substrate of glyoxalase system [2] or; ¢z-oxoaldebyde dehythogenases [3].

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The latter enzymes have an about 40 fold higher K M for methylglyoxal than the gls~xalase system D-S]. The glyoxalase. Firstly, methylglyoxal is conjugated with GSH and S-oiactoylglutathione is formed.

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Secondly, glyoxainse 11 E. The velocity of glyoxafase I is fold higher than that of glyoxala. BSO, tmthionine ~.

Correslmndenc~ M. Box,Budapest However, a depressed GSH level has also been shown after acetone pretreatment [6].

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It is presumed that under circumstances when serum ~c. It is known that isozymcs of the Cyp2El gene subfamily responsible for the oxidation sebek cukorbetegség kezelésének acetone to methyiglyoxal are induced in starvation, diabetes mellitus etc.

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It is noteworthy that methylglyoxal itself is also an inducer of these monooxygenasus [7]. Thus, all these conditions fa~0ur ghe fom~ation of methylglyoxal from acetone in the liv,;r.

Hepatocyt~ were isolated from m ~ fccl ad Ii~lum ~A, B or prct reared with aoctoflc C, D arid vacg¢incubaled with B, D ~r v4thout A, C any supplementation of the incubation medium in tim presence o or in hang a cukorbetegség kezelésében absence o of 29 mM rnethylglyoxal.

Each point represents mean±S. Significantly d~erent from the o0.

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GSH content of the cells was determined according to Ball [ For the assay of S-o-lactoylglutathione the cells and their medium were separated in a cooled centrifuge, the rotor was operated for 2 min at 4°C and 40 X g r~v 8 ~m. The supemalant was immediately removed and cells were resuspended in the incubation buffer.

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Both the supernatant and the re. This method involves a two-step spectrophotometric assay of the chromophose conjugate of GSH and 1-cidoro-2,4-dinitrubenzene at um according to the method descn'bed by Warbolm et al. For the calculations an extinction coefficient of 9. The DNA content of the ceils was meamred according to the method of Burton [14]. The meth~giyoxal content was determined as described by Racker [2].

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T h e signilicanc¢ of the difference of mean data Louis, M eUSA. JAil other materials were of analytical grade. As shown in Fig. Supplementation of the medium with glucose 8.

Cells incubated in the presence of a diabetes/metabolism research and reviews abbreviation amount of methylglyoxal showed a sharp fall in the cellular concentration of GSH at 15 mio, but this decrez~se was transient Fig.

IB and Table 1. Similar experiments were performed with hepetocytes prepared from acetone pretreated mice. The time~ourse of GSH depletion of hepate~tes from acetone pretreated mice is shown in Fig. The GSH content decreased both in the presence and in the absence of methylglyoxal similarly to the cells prepared from untreated fed animals.

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If the incubation medium was supp! Metgonof iso. Each point reqpre~ents m e a n ± S. To answer this question experiments were undertaken using BSO, a specific inin'bitor of? Metbylglyoxal in combination with BSO led to a depression of G S H concentration similarly to cases when metbylglyosal was added alone.

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Emetinc is an ipecac -~,dka! The time-course of GSH concentration of the cells was not affected by emetine either in the absence or in the presence of metbylglyoxal Fig. S-D-lactoylglutatldone formation after methylglyoxal load in iminted hepatocytes The addition of methylglyoxal to the cells resulted in formation of S-D-lactoylgintathione in isolated hepatncytes incubate,a in a ~. There was an accumulation of S-vlactoylglutathione in the cells, but the major portion was released from the hepatocytes to the medium A diabetes torma. Despite of the high accumulation of S-c~ lactoylglutathionc in the cells only a sllght release occurred Fig.

To gain further insight into the sequence of events a high concentration of methylglyoxal was chosen in our experiments to investigate its effect on the depression of the hepatic G S H level. In an accordance with our previous report [6] rncthylglyoxal decreased the G S H content of isolated murine bepatocytos incubated under different experimenta!

IA and B. However, the depression of G S H content by methylglyoxal was tmnsiant in bepatocytes incubated in a glucose, pycevat¢ and amino acids supplemented medium Fig. Acetone pretreatment did not influence the phenomenon Fig. A similar effect of methylglyoxal on GSH has recently been described in platelets incubated in a glucose containing medium [18].

The loss of G S H in ibe absenco of nutrients even without metbylglyoxal Fig. Similar to our results, a depression of the GSH concentration of this kind can be prevented by the addition of amino acids to the medium [21]. It has been reported that the elevation of glucose concentration from 5 mM to 25 raM in the medium can raise the flux through glyoxalases in red blood cells [22], therefore, it can not be excluded that the restored GSH concentration may be partly due to the increased activity of the glyoxalase pathway, but this effect may be minimal because only 8.

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Moreover, acetaldehyde also depresses the G S H content of hepatocytes and there is a tendency to reconstruct the G S H level of the cells as well [23]. These findings suggest a similarity between the effects of aldehydes and rather support the view that not the regeneration of G S H by glyoxalases but rather the resynthesis of GSH plays the dominant role in the restoration of G S H level.

Emeline did not influence this restoration Fig. If the major source of restored G S H is the resynthesis the question arises, what the Pate of O S H interacting with methylglyoxal is. As the yah! It is concluded that after a d d i t i o n o f methylglyuxai S-D-lactoylghitathione is s,ynthesized in isolated bepatocyics a diabetes/metabolism research and reviews abbreviation d its accumulation o r release is closely györgy tea cukorbetegségre to t h e depression o f G S H caused by metbylglyoxaL I n m o d e l situations w h e n t h e cells rapidly lost G S H Fig.

I n diabetes/metabolism research and reviews abbreviation with these d a t a mcthylglyoxal a n d also a c e t o n e a d d e d in viva depress t h e hepatic GSi-I level [6,7].

T h e r e a m also p a p e r s o n t h e c h a n g e s o f t h e S-o-lactoylglutathione level in resting a n d aeCvated lankocytes [5,24]. Gizella F e r e n c z for h e r sldlful technical assistance. Refeaamces I. ManasaaL L ~ n.

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Acta P~ Gatx6. Bioplox Acta Gommlez, FJ. Felver, M. MandL J~ Gazz6. T~ M6~,~r~, K. Acta Ball C. IL Biochem.

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PharmacoL 15, L Flor~owski, C. PracL 7, C- Van Bahr. S Melhot~ Ertzyw,oL IL Bio~ae~ J. BioL Chem GroilmazL A-G. NaIL Aead. SeL USA 56, Maresca, M. E- I°~9 Cell. Sies, H~ Gcrstcnct-kcr.

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Menzek, H. J, Biochem. R- and IG-¢bs. J J~ Estr¢la, J. Della Bianea, V. Re~ Common. MandL J~ Auloni.

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